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Our game console repairs booking system

From here you can book your game console repairs with us to quickly get your game back online.  Simply complete the booking request form below and we will respond within 2 hours with a personalised repair quote.

Important Notice - please read

Please Note – Please do not send us your console until we have responded to your booking request and confirmed a fully inclusive quote.  To allow us to repair consoles quickly, we work on a strict first come first served booking system – we feel this is the fairest way to give everyone a great level of service.  We do not provide automatically generated online quotes as we believe each repair warrants our personal attention

Although we repair 99% of consoles successfully, there are some occasions where even we are unable to fix a console – we no longer accept consoles with the following issues:

  • Xbox consoles with System Error E100 faults where the optical Blu-ray/DVD drive has been removed/replaced.
  • Xbox consoles which beep and no light is displayed when attempting to power on.
  • PlayStation consoles where the optical Bly-ray/DVD drive has been removed or replaced.

These faults are un-repairable that can only be repaired by Microsoft or Sony at their service centers.

Booking form

All our quotes are no obligation. You are only obliged to your booking once you have confirmed via email that you would like to proceed. 

Please complete the form below to book your game console repair now

Booking Request
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Please select the closest match to the fault your console has. We will contact you to to confirm the exact fault
Terms and Conditions Check
IMPORTANT - Please do not send your faulty console to us until you have received and agreed to your repair quote.

How the booking process works:

1. Complete the form below. We respond to you with a personalised repair quote within a couple of hours.

2. Once you accept the quote we assign you a repair number and ask you to send your faulty console to our receiving center

3. We receive your console into our receiving center, confirm the fault and get to work repairing your console

4. We confirm console is fully repaired and tested. We send you a invoice, once payment is received we return your console via next day express delivery

Remember – all game console repairs come with a free 3 month warranty and if we cannot repair your console, we do not charge you a repair fee.

Please read our Console Therapy Repair Terms and Conditions before making your booking request.

Why choose us?

With Console Therapy there is no need to visit the high street to queue in a shop.  We arrange the repair of your faulty PlayStation and Xbox games console so  you do not need to leave your home.  As we do not have the rental overheads of a high street PlayStation and Xbox repair shop, we can pass massive repair savings on to you.   Our repair costs are the most competitive in the UK.  Thanks for using our online PlayStation and Xbox repair shop.

We have been working in the technology repair business for over 30 years, and repairing games consoles for over 20 years.  We feel this gives us a competitive edge over other repair services available.  Below are just some of the benefits when using Console Therapy. 

All spare parts we used are sourced from reputable companies that supply the large electronic engineering markets – our parts are tested before installation.   Our repairs are covered by a 3 month no-quibble warranty giving you peace of mind that your games console has been correctly repaired. 

Our transparent pricing offers a breakdown of exactly what you are paying for before any work commences, if we find any other problems with your console while it is at our repair center, we always check you are happy to proceed before carrying out any work.

We also like to use non-jargon language when explaining faults so you are better armed at understanding what work has been carried out and why it is required. 

Do you live in Hertfordshire, north London or Essex?  Did you know we provide an express same day repair service?   Contact us to find out more.

When booking your repair, please let us know and we can quote for collecting, repairing and returning your games console using our same day express service.

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