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We pay top prices for your broken and faulty Xbox One game consoles

Please complete the forms below to contacts us and find out more about our services.  

Sell your broken Xbox One today - we pay within 24 hours.

Do you want to sell your broken Xbox One? Cannot be bothered with the hassle of time wasters on eBay? Our tried and trusted Xbox One buying process is simple and easy.  We have purchased over 415 (and counting) faulty Xbox game consoles from customers just like you, saving our customers hundreds of pounds compared to other marketplace sites like Shpock, Gumtree and selling privately on eBay**.

  • Did you know that with eBay and PayPal commission fees, when you sell broken xbox one, the value drops 13.9% before you get your cash?  That means you only receive £34.40 from your final eBay selling price of £40 for an average faulty Xbox?

Remember, sites like Music Magpie** do not buy faulty broken game consoles.

Please Note – This service is available to UK residents ONLY

sell faulty xbox series x

How much is your faulty Xbox One worth, and how much we pay

Please use our instant quote tool below to receive an immediate quote for your faulty Xbox One X or faulty Xbox One S.

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Three easy steps to sell broken Xbox One to Console Therapy

1. Select your PlayStation 5 model and condition using our instant quote form below.

2. We arrange collection of your broken PS5 console and at a date that is convenient to you.

3. We receive and check the PS5 condition, and make payment directly to your PayPal within 24 hours.

Why sell your broken Xbox One to Console Therapy?

Fast & Easy Process: Our quote form lets you know an exact value we will pay when you sell your faulty Xbox One – the figure we send you is the amount you will receive. Skip the hassle of listing and negotiating on marketplaces like eBay.

We Buy ALL Conditions: Does your Xbox have a Blu-ray drive issue? Is it overheating? We buy faulty Xbox One consoles in all conditions, including both digital and disc drive editions.

Top Prices: Get more cash for your broken Xbox One compared to used marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Music Magpie, Gumtree, and even eBay. We factor in current market value and consider any included accessories.

FREE Collection from your home:  Unlike other faulty Xbox One buying services, we pay for all courier charges (from within the UK) and collect from your home for FREE.

Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Fees: Unlike eBay’s 12.8% seller commission, we pay 100% of the agreed price directly to your PayPal account. We cover all PayPal fees, so you get the full quoted amount.

No Buyer Returns: Selling on eBay can mean dealing with returns even for “faulty, no returns” listings. With Console Therapy, your faulty console stays with us.

Trusted Service, Rated 5 Stars: See what hundreds of satisfied customers say about our service on TrustPilot and Google.

We are the experts: We do not just buy faulty Xbox One consoles, we also buy faulty PS5, faulty PS4, faulty Xbox Series and faulty Nintendo Switch consoles.

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