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We pay top prices for your broken and faulty Xbox One game consoles

Please complete the forms below to contacts us and find out more about our services.  

How we buy your broken Xbox One

Do you want to sell your broken faulty Xbox? Cannot be bothered with the hassle of time wasters on eBay? Our tried and trusted Xbox One buying process is simple and easy.  We have purchased over 315 (and counting) faulty Xbox game consoles from customers just like you, saving our customers hundreds of pounds compared to other marketplace sites like Shpock, Gumtree and selling privately on eBay**.

  • Did you know that with eBay and PayPal commission fees, when you sell broken xbox one, the value drops 13.9% before you get your cash?  That means you only receive £34.40 from your final eBay selling price of £40 for an average faulty Xbox?

Remember, sites like Music Magpie** do not buy faulty broken game consoles.

Please Note – This service is available to UK residents ONLY. 

sell broken xbox one

Three easy steps to sell broken Xbox One to Console Therapy

1. Select your Xbox condition from our grading table and complete the form below

2. Send us your broken Xbox (or we can arrange collection)

3. We receive and check the Xbox condition, and make payment directly to your PayPal within 24 hours.

How much is your console worth, and how much we pay

The table below shows how much Console Therapy will pay you when you sell broken Xbox One to us.  Simply match the condition of your Xbox to the list below, find your model Xbox to work out how much we will pay directly to you – no commissions required!

We accept your Xbox in ANY condition, however the only exception we make is the console is complete and has the original blu-ray/DVD (optical) drive included.  

If you have any questions, please get in touch and let us know how we can help.

Xbox Model No Warranty Label.
Console has been opened.
Scratches or cracked plastics.
Console Only.
Warranty Label Intact.
Minor Scratches.
Console with controller.
Warranty Label Intact.
Original Box
Xbox One S 500 GB £25 £35 £40
Xbox One S 1TB £30 £40 £45
Xbox One X £45 £60 £75
Xbox Model Console with controller.
Warranty Label Intact.
Original Box
Xbox One S 500 GB £40
Xbox One S 1TB £45
Xbox One X £75
Xbox Model Console Only.
Warranty Label Intact.
Minor Scratches.
Xbox One S 500 GB £35
Xbox One S 1TB £40
Xbox One X £60
Xbox Model No Warranty Label.
Console has been opened.
Scratches or cracked plastics.
Xbox One S 500 GB £25
Xbox One S 1TB £30
Xbox One X £45

Simply complete the form below and we will be in touch to arrange the purchase of your broken Xbox One

Our sell broken xbox one service is governed by the Terms and Conditions listed below.  By sending us your broken faulty console you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. 


1.1 When selecting the “condition” of your console, we are relying on your trust and honesty that the condition option selected is a fair representation of your faulty console.

1.2 Once we receive your console, we will carry out our own grading based on the option you have selected. If it is decided that the condition you have selected is not a fair representation, we might offer you a lower price for your console.

1.3 If no agreement can be made when an adjustment to the console grading is deemed necessary, we will return your console at the cost of return shipping (this is currently £8.49).  The shipping charge must be paid before we will return your console. 

1.4 We take no responsibility for any additional damage to your faulty console while the above steps are completed. 


2.1 By entering into these terms and offering your faulty console for sale, you are agreeing that you are the sole owner of the console and have full rights under UK Law to sell the console.

2.2 Any consoles sent to us which are stolen or “lost” devices will be reported to the police. We reserve the right to pass all of your details to the police and UK Law Enforcement Agencies.  We will fully support their investigations.

2.3 By accepting payment of your console, you are agreeing to transfer ownership of your device to us.  Just like selling on any other platforms, you are governed by UK Law to transfer total ownership of your device to Console Therapy.  

2.4 Your details including your address will be securely kept on file to resolve any disputes regarding original ownership.

2.5 In some cases, we might request proof of address to be sent to us electronically.


3.1 By selling your faulty console to us, you agree to having any data or information that you may have stored on your device to be deleted and destroyed. We take no responsibility and we accept no liability for loss of such data however caused. Prior to utilising our service, we highly recommend that you back-up your device onto an external hard drive.

3.2 Although we delete, remove or destroy any data stored on your faulty console, we take no responsibility or accept liability for any future data leaks or breaches relating to data stored on your faulty device. It is highly recommended that you manually delete any data stored on your console before sending to us.

** Each week, we compare sale prices on eBay, Shpock, Gumtree and Music Magpie and adjust our buy prices to beat all other websites.

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