What to do when your Xbox One update stuck

With Microsoft releasing new updates nearly every month, you may find from time to time that your system update can actually become stuck, and leave you frozen and worrying!

Xbox one update stuck
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    Now if your Xbox One update becomes stuck you will tend to see some kind of following messages:

    • Something went wrong
    • Error codes like 800072xxx
    • Error codes like Exxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
    • There was a problem with the update
    • Your Xbox is almost full

    You could also see some different codes that may differ from the above; normally the last three digits.

    What else might I experience?

    Alongside the above messages, you may also experience one of two different problems:

    • Your Xbox may display a black screen as opposed to the start up animation. After this, it may load up into a broken home screen
    • Your console may even just get stuck on the screen start up animation or the Xbox logo.

    How can I fix Xbox One Update Stuck?

    Do not worry

    Don’t worry, if this happens you need not worry too much! You have several options; you can either send you Xbox one here to us at Console Therapy and we can take a look for you; our expert team are well equipped to handle this kind of situation. Or, you can read our below article!

    Reset and Restart?

    First things first, try restarting your Xbox One. As with many computers and electronics, sometimes you just need to turn it off and on again. Restart your console and see if this gives it a little push.

    Secondly, you can look to reset your Xbox One. Performing a soft reset is an easy fix that can help your Xbox to complete its updating process; this is less drastic than a full factory reset.

    Other areas to check

    Is your Xbox connected to the internet? Sometimes when an Xbox One update fails, it is due to a faulty network connection. So double, and triple check that you have a network connection.

    How full is your hard drive? An Xbox One update can fail if there is not enough space on your hard drive to handle the update. So make sure you clear some space on your drive to allow the upgrade space to download.

    As a last ditch fix, you can always try a factory reset. This shouldn’t be attempted unless you have exhausted all other options as it will permanently delete all of your stored files and game saves.

    Offline update

    Have you read our article on downloading the OSU files and performing an offline update? Sometimes you might need to update your system offline. This can be quite a lengthy process but a very useful trick. We recently created an article on how to do this – click HERE to read it!

    As mentioned earlier, one of the best things you can do for your console is to allow us here at Console Therapy to take control of your gaming issues. If you want the experts to get your console repaired in a timely fashion, then be sure to get in touch.

    Console Therapy provide fast, efficient games console repairs. We believe we are the fastest and most transparent games console repair service in the UK and EU.

    Let us prove it to you.  Get your instant repair quote now.

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