Who are Console Therapy?

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We have been in the tech repair business for over 30 years – here you will find out more about Console Therapy 

All about Console Therapy

Who are Console Therapy

With a background in technical repair, we started our love of all things tech back in 1991 building and repairing desktop computers and mainframes. 

Then in 1994, Sony released the original Playstation it changed our direction. 

Having investigative minds, we first starting opening up the playstation (and later on the Xbox) to work out how it worked, and what we could do with it.

Another year later and this first “enhancement chips” were released and we couldn’t wait to hack around and find out how much we could push games consoles to their limits. 

who are console therapy

Our mission

In late 2019, we decided to put our knowledge and experience to good use. 

Having witnessed some terrible repair jobs from companies on the high street and internet, we decided to provide our services to everyone in the UK and EU to show how it should be done – there is nothing worse than paying for an “expert repair” company only to discover they have been repaired by technicians with limited experience and training. 

Over 40% of our business comes from companies that either cannot repair a games console or have made a hash job of it, leaving us to make it good.

Making it personal

Very early on, we decided a personal repair service is what the public needs and what we will provide. 

Each of our repair cost quotes is personalised to you, meaning we have flexibility on the pricing, returning the savings to you.  Each of our repairs comes with a video or pictures of the repair we carried out, so you can see exactly the work we completed giving you peace of mind. 

Our area of expertise

We predominately repair Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation  consoles however we also repair Nintendo Switch consoles and we can also repair Apple devices.  We feel focusing our knowledge on games consoles ensures we do not spread ourselves too thinly, allowing us to repair more games consoles first time.

How we are different

We treat your console as our console.   Just as we are fixing out own personal consoles, we make every effort to take care of your prized gaming possession – after all, you have already spent lots of money on it. 

Our express services is specially designed for gamers who live in Hertfordshire, north London and Essex where we will collect your faulty and return your repaired console to your door – getting you back online as soon as possible.

Who is Simon?

Simon is the owner of Console Therapy.  Since starting Console Therapy back in 2021, Simon’s passion has been helping gamers getting back to what they do best – gaming!  With over 30 years experience in IT hardware repairs and  Electronics, Simon noticed a gap in the market that was not offered by high street repair companies – a personal, non-jargon approach to home electronic repairs.

This passion soon led to the launch of Console Therapy, focusing his expertise on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles.

From writing articles for our support pages, to creating YouTube repair videos all the way to performing repairs, Simon has been our lead engineer since we started.

What to know more?

We love hearing from you.  Please feel free to contact us for a chat or for free advice about your games console – we are online 27 hours 7 days a week.

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